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Smidy Smidy

Smidy free! is a MIDI sequencer and DAW able to host VST 3 plugIns and external MIDI hardware side by side.
External MIDI hardware and MIDI files are supported as long as they apply to the GM, GS, XG or GM2 MIDI standards.
Smidy comes along with a list editor and piano roll for editing the MIDI based sequence and a wave editor for editing wave files which can be integrated into the MIDI sequence for audio playback.
In addition Smidy free! contains a VST 3 instrument plugIn (Smidy free! PlugIn) with 16 MIDI channels and 16 audio busses.
Smidy free! follows the conception of classic linear MIDI sequencer editing

Created 2017-11-14
Version FREE
Size 78.84 MB
Created by Bruno
Changed by
Downloads 1
License Santanas softwareTooltip

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#VIBESTR DJ Frederico

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