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wav.png Mixxx FREENEW

Mixxx is designed by an international team of volunteer DJs who want to bring the joy of DJing to everyone.
The project is non-profit, open-source and community driven.
Together and with your help we aim to build the best DJ software ever created.

Quad Sampler Decks
Built-in Effects
Powerful Library
Auto DJ
BPM Detection and Sync
Record and Broadcast your Mix
ReplayGain Normalization
Quad Microphone Input

Created 2017-10-21
Version FREE
Size 23.88 MB
System Windows
Downloads 2

Software for baet freaks.
KraMixer was developed by a small group of Programmers and DJ's.
The main reason for creating KraMixer was because we found it very difficult to find freeware for DJ's that actually allowed you to beatmix smoothly.

Created 2017-10-17
Version FREE
Size 2.18 MB
Downloads 3

VU meter werd ontworpen om u te helpen met het controlerende van de geluids niveaus.
Onder de rechtermuisknop bij Options komt u bij een tabel waar je de kleuren van de VU meter kan aanpassen.

Created 2017-10-02
Changed 2017-10-02
Version FREE
Size 2.56 MB
System Windows
Downloads 6

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