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djThe foundation for his success and drive is without a doubt his love for music. Ever since he started listening to music and bought his first turntables at the age of 15 (1998), he was determent to bring his love to the people and has done so with great success. Mixing, scratching and beat-juggling he made his way to the top in Belgian nightlife and became resident at the Belgian nr1 club ‘Versuz’ in 2007.

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Play a nonstop mix of your favorite music with MIXTRAX!
From this website you can download our free music maintenance application for PC featuring [MIXTRAX], our very own technology which allows you to mix songs together, and you can view the online manual as well.
Use your favorite songs and enjoy mixplay that sounds like a professional DJ! Based on Pioneer’s own knowledge and experience with professional DJ devices, songs with a similar "mood" are mixed seamlessly.
You can mix and play for nonstop excitement.
    Plays files imported from music libraries on your computer.
    Automatically selects and links songs with similar beats and melody while controlling their tempo and effects.
    Automatically creates the Recommend Playlist according to each song's "mood" and the Dance Playlist perfect for street dancing.
    Users can choose the mixing style to link one song with another.
    With one click, you can transfer the playlists to and enjoy them on STEEZ AUDIO and STEEZ PORTABLE, which have a link feature with MIXTRAX, and MIXTRAX-compatible car audio (all sold separately).
On track analysis
MIXTRAX uses its own technology to analyze track and uses the beat positions, music types, chorus and other analyzed information to create nonstop mix and automatic playlist.

Created 23-11-2017
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